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3 Ways Mobile Apps have Changed the Home Buyer Experience for Home Builders

Technology is forever rapidly advancing, allowing people from all over to be more connected than ever before. One of the most significant technological changes within the last three decades (since the first in 1992) has been the smartphone. With this advancement in technology and communication has come a new possibility: mobile apps in the New Home Sales industry, and the ways home buyers can use their phones and have an elevated Home Buyer Experience.

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The Importance of Customer Reviews in Home Builder Marketing

Few things are as frustrating as buying something only to find out it wasn’t what you thought it would be. You’ve probably learned to spend time researching a product, especially if it’s an expensive purchase. You look at pictures, measurements and probably most importantly customer reviews. Customer reviews can be the deciding factor in a purchase, they can sway someone away from buying a cheap product and convince someone to buy an expensive one. This principle applies not only to online shopping but also to home shopping. 

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Top Marketing Trends for Home Builders in 2023

Marketing is an essential aspect of any business, and home building is no exception. As the competition in the industry continues to grow, it is crucial for home builders to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends to remain relevant and successful. In this blog post, we will discuss the top marketing trends that home builders should consider incorporating into their strategies in 2023.

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