New Feature Release: NoviHome Listings

Coming Spring 2024

The "👍" you've all been waiting for...

New functionality on the staff app called "Listings" is designed to market and sell quick move-ins faster & allows you to update multiple buyers on the same home simultaneously (co-buyers).
  • Assign interested prospects to individual or multiple quick move-in homes (QMIs)
  • Maintain dynamic galleries showcasing QMI progress; easily reassign QMIs to a buyer at contract
  • Automated push notifications are sent to prospects and buyers anytime a QMI is updated (construction progress, new photos & videos, price changes, additional incentives, etc.)
  • Add buyers and co-buyers to pending homes

New functionality on the buyer's app called "My Home(s)" is designed to keep buyers engaged and interested, while instilling a sense of urgency. Buyers can now:

  • Browse and follow their favorite homes
  • See how many others are watching their favorite homes
  • Keep their fingers literally on your pulse, with automated updates on their favorite homes sent in real-time
  • When the prospect goes under contract, only their home is shown

NoviHome builds you a custom app filled with all your floor plans, community info, and everything else home buyers are looking for. 

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