5 Real-Life Lessons About Home Buyers

Buying a home can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. But with a little insider knowledge you can help make the experience become a lot smoother for your buyers. Here are 5 real-life lessons about home buyers in 2023. 

  1. Location is important to buyers. With housing prices at all time highs it becomes even more important that home buyers have a location that works for them physically as well as financially. A location can make or break the home's value. Homes and properties near big cities and the suburbs tend to be higher in price. For lowerprices try looking into small towns and more rural properties.
  2. Take care of the small problems early and quickly. Don’t wait for small problems to stack up and create bigger problems. Be proactive and eliminate what Clayton Garrett, founding partner at Meristem Communities calls “headaches” , those small problems that can snowball into bigger ones. 
  3. Home buyers expect new homes to cost less to operate. New homes are expected by buyers to have high quality energy-efficient products and materials. But meeting and exceeding current energy codes for new construction homes cost less to operate and retain value against homes built in the future. Also buyers whose homes had the latest technology made up 31% of buyers who chose to build. 
  4. Delivering on time makes a difference. By getting ahead of materials shortages and taking advantage of openings Alex Pollack, director of partnerships at Mosaic, has seen opportunities to build homes efficiently and predictably. Getting things done on time boosts buyers opinions and experience with the builder which helps build company appeal. 
  5. Keep the home buyers in the loop. Not having access to data and information can be problematic for buyers and your company. One of the top three buyer's biggest regrets include conflict. Detailed communication builds trust with the buyer and reassures that the builder isn’t cutting corners or taking advantage of the buyer. 

Here at NoviHome, we know Home Buyer Experience is key to being a successful home builder. These tips and more NoviHome offers can help you create a better Home Buyer Experience and sell more homes.

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