Engage Buyers During Wait Time with a Personalized Experience

Draw your Buyer's Attention with Novi’s Drawing Tools


Novi drawing tools are a powerful way to clarify communication. Novi takes your plat maps, floor plans, photos, and more, and creates a custom app for your buyers. All photos in your custom app can be drawn on! 

When it comes to online appointments and walk-in traffic, the drawing tool ensures your sales presentation is engaging. Circle design options the buyer is interested in, outline their preferred lot, and slash through the design options they’re not interested in. Save the marked up elements to their account so you, and the buyer, can refer to them later. 


Progression Photos with NoviHome -- Keeping Buyers informed

The Novi progress photo feature keeps buyers informed while they’re waiting for their home to be built. Updating buyers can reduce their stress and improve your relationship, improving the buyer experience and increasing referrals! 

Communicating specific aspects of the construction process can be confusing. So, when the project encounters a change or reaches a milestone, the agent can snap a few before and after photos and deliver them directly to their buyer's account. Photos taken in Novi are saved in our secure cloud for future review. 

When agents/builders snap a picture, the NoviHome progress photo feature immediately adds a time & date stamp to the pictures that generates a clear visual timeline of the build for the buyer.

The NoviHome progress photo feature is very popular with both builders and buyers. Many builders/sales agents will utilize the cloud saved images to present the buyer with a progress album when handing the buyers the key to their new home!

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