Out of Inventory? Here’s How We Can Help.

Do you have buyers under contract for homes that won't be built for 2+ years? And a backlog of leads calling and emailing, constantly checking for new inventory?

Here’s how Novi users are keeping these under-contract buyers up-to-date with content, while managing inquiries and trying to stay top of mind with everyone else. 

Time-stamped status updates

They’re sending time-stamped updates to their buyers through their custom novi app so that interested buyers know to regularly check back instead of call or email. 

Sending personalized messages

They’re sending progress photos and real time build updates to under contract buyers in the novi app so buyers always know where they’re at in the build process.

Creating bingeable content 

They’re adding podcast episodes, short blog articles, videos, drone tours, and photos to their custom Novi app to keep leads obsessed with their brand while they wait for more inventory. 

Managing leads digitally

They’re capturing every buyer with Novi so that when things slow down, they can go in and see who is still looking for a home via tracking analytics. Novi is a Proactive tool that will help you sell homes even if the market slows down. 

Take advantage of this surge in inventory by preparing for a slowdown now. We can help!

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