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The Perfect Marketing Budget for Home Builders

The perfect marketing budget for home builders in 2021 hasn’t changed much on the surface – the total allocation should still be between .7 and 1.5 percent of projected revenue. The rest, however, is quite different, especially when it comes to digital advertising and content creation.

Here are Kevin Oakley of Do You Converts 6 Budget Recommendations

Ramp Up SEM/Paid Search. 

SEM/Paid search spend likely needs to be ramped up to match the surge in interest in new homes since the pandemic began.

Facebook and Instagram deserve the largest portion of your digital spend

Only if you need the extra volume of traffic it brings. Many builders have been able to pull back a bit here as they are already overwhelmed with lead volume. 

Reconsider Zillow and New Home Source

Syndication sites like Zillow and New Home Source are not to be ignored, but they are optional and never perform as well for the same cost as channels you can control directly.

Keep Up with Online Development

Don’t build a website and let it stay essentially untouched for years on end. Plan to maintain it and upgrade it continuously.

Outsource Content Creation

Make 2021 the year you stop trying to tackle content yourself. Find professional partners that can lighten your burden. 

Bonus: Innovation

Find new ways to more efficiently market to buyers by investing a small portion of your budget to trying new things. Like NoviHome.

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