6 Sources for Home Builder Sales & Marketing in a Changing  Market

Unless you were born yesterday, we have all seen how fast and often the economy and housing market can change. These changes dictate how you and your team sell homes to the buyers in that current market. We don’t want you to be stuck worrying and stressing about what you can do and what changes you need to make, so we put together this list of resources (in no particular order) that will help you be as successful as possible, no matter the market.

     1. Builder Online

The online source for Builder Magazine is a treasure trove of information for Home Builders and Sales Agents alike. Topics include: data & analysis of the current market, design, finance, products, and their list of the 100 top home builders in the US.

     2. Do You Convert

DYC “partners with builders and developers to generate high-quality leads that convert by implementing and improving your Online Sales & Marketing Program.” Not only are they available as consultants, but their free content is very helpful as well. Ranging from podcasts to blogs to videos, their insight into the industry is top of the line. Our favorite podcast about Home Buyer Experience can be found here.

      3. Jeff Shore

The Jeff Shore Consulting team is another source of inspiration for Home Builders and sales agents alike. They wrote one of the best books in the industry, The 4:2 Formula. They have fantastic training for sales professionals, teams, and managers alike. Their monthly webinars are great to stay up to date on the current trends.

     4. National Association of Home Builders

Obviously we all know about NAHB, but do you know about their website? It is filled with information not just for Builders, but for the sales agents as well. There is plenty of industry news, economics, and events to attend as well. Plus, they have the best trade show in the industry, The International Builders’ Show.

     5. NewHomeSource Professional

NewHomeSource “provides the most extensive collection of homebuyer ratings and reviews of new home builders nationwide.” They are not just for buyers to get info on builders, but have many resources to help you in selling new construction. Webinars, trainings, and other resources are available, as well as the opportunity to get quality reviews from your own buyers. 

      6. Podcasts

Today, there is a podcast for every topic. Luckily, there are plenty to choose from to get insight into new construction sales & marketing. We gathered a list just for you!

Market Proof Marketing

Home Builder Digital Marketing

Building Perspective

Anewgo of New Home Sales

          New Home Insights


Actively consuming content from the above sources can and will help you adapt to a changing market. Do you have any other sources that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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