5 Common Inefficiencies in The Sales Process and How to Solve Them

Did you know that companies with efficient sales pipelines grow 15% faster? Unfortunately, 65% of sales managers say they don’t have the time and resources it takes to be truly efficient. How are the best sales teams in the country bridging this gap? 

We did the research for you. It turns out, there are lots of common inefficiencies in the sales process. The good news is, there are simple solutions for all of them. 

Problem: Registering Buyers

Most builders use physical registration cards to capture buyers’ information. If your sales team is capturing new buyers' contact information primarily through registration cards at a home show, they’re falling behind the competition. 


Instead of stopping buyers one-by-one to fill out a registration card, then taking the stacks of cards home to enter into a CRMs by hand, your sales team should be registering digitally.  

Whether your buyers enter your home show, see your emails, visit your website or see your social media accounts, you can have buyers register for the NoviHome buyers app. The app will capture their contact information and integrate with your CRM instantly. 

Problem: Creating a Better Buyer Experience 

Buyers are raising their expectations. If you want to beat the competition you have to provide a better buyer experience, and that means personalizing each interaction. The more contacts you have in your pipeline, the harder this gets! 


The best in sales use technology to track buyer behavior and put together useful data. This saves your agents time by cutting out the need to research each buyer by hand. It also improves the quality of follow up by empowering your agents to tailor every conversation to what the buyer is most interested in.  

Problem: Training New Agents

On average, new sales hires spend 10 weeks in training and development and only become productive after 11.2 months. (SMA


The good news is, firms that use technology effectively are 57% more effective at sales training and development than those who don’t. (SMA) Integrate NoviHome software into your training process to help new agents create productive habits early on. 

Problem: Relying on Data

Sales force did a survey on almost 3,000 sales agents. They found that the high-performing sales teams were 1.5 times more likely to base forecasts on data-driven insights. The problem is, only 46% of sales reps have data insights to customers’ propensity to buy.


Your sales team needs access to the right data. They need to know exactly what the buyer is looking for.

Productive sales teams use NoviHome for their data needs. In your custom NoviHome app, buyers can log in and browse all of your content. Your agents will have access to data that will help them understand where buyers want to live, what floorplans will best fit their needs and how ready they are to purchase. 


Problem: Sending Content

Another problem sales agents regularly face is finding and sending the right content. According to a study by Seismic, it takes on average 18 minutes for a sales person to find one piece of content. If agents can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll resort to making it themselves. Help agents create productive sales habits by integrating NoviHome into their training. 


Efficient sales teams don’t spend time making last-minute content. Efficient sales teams use NoviHome to digitize all content and keep it all in one place. 

Efficiency in the sales process is critical to business growth. Finding ways to fine tune the sales process will always be a top priority for sales managers. Fortunately, sales managers don’t have to figure it out on their own. Empowering your sales team to be more efficient will always be a top priority for NoviHome, too. We are always evolving our software to fit the changing landscape of home sales and to better suit your needs.

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