Why Builders Need a Custom App

According to a study by ComScore, Consumers now spend more of their time online via apps than they do on web browsers. The average U.S. smartphone user now spends 88% of their time on their phone in apps, and only 12% using a web browser.

Businesses are learning that to sell to a new kind of consumer, they have to create a shopping experience that caters to their habits and preferences. That’s why so many builders are investing in an app-based experience. 

Builders are working with Novi to create custom apps that their buyers will genuinely enjoy using. Not only does a custom app help buyers get acquainted with the builders brand, it creates a complete buyer experience. 

Buyers create an account on your custom app and get access to all of your content. Upload plat maps, floor plans, design options and more. Your sales team will be able to view buyer activity in real time, which will help them tailor their follow up. Builders also add “bingeable” content to their decks. 

Bingeable content is longer and more entertaining than traditional content. Bingeable content keeps buyers obsessed with your brand while they’re waiting for inventory. Some examples of bingeable content include links to podcast episodes, videos explaining the building process and engaging articles. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to engage buyers during low inventory, take advantage of an influx of buyers, or capture more traffic, Novi can help.

Watch this video to see how a custom app can change your buyer’s experience:


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