NoviHome Launches a New App

CEDAR CITY, UT-- NoviHome, a sales and marketing solution created to solve common problems in the real estate industry, announced the launch of a new, app-based, lead management tool named NoviHome Focus. 

Focus aims to give sales agents the tools they need to capture, track, and provide excellent buyer experience. Focus joins the suite of NoviHome apps designed to enhance the buying experience, from contact to contract.  

While working with sales agents, NoviHome found that real estate agents need a buyer management tool that’s as simple and convenient as possible, without sacrificing any features or function. The Focus app is designed to create a seamless workflow that organizes and tracks buyers as they travel through the pipeline. The best part is, all of the features can be operated inside the Focus app-- at home or on the go. 

In order to build the perfect sales tool, NoviHome’s development team visited the headquarters of some of the biggest home builders in the country. The development team worked with groups of real estate and home building professionals to craft a simple, effective solution.  

“It was a unique experience to be able to work with sales representatives to build the app around their preferences and ideas. We believe this tool is going to be something powerful and functional that they’ll really be able to take advantage of,” said Kody Smith, NoviHome VP of Sales. 

The app is designed to put powerful, industry-leading software into sales representatives’ hands, giving them the tools they need to make every contact successful, no matter where it takes place. To learn more about NoviHome, visit our website at

About NoviHome

NoviHome is a sales and marketing solution created to solve common problems in the home buying process. Builders, sales agents, and real estate brokers are utilizing NoviHome to differentiate themselves from their competition, increase sales and enhance buyer experience.  NoviHome offers an affordable, custom, app-based experience that increases communication and simplifies the sales process.

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